Basic information


At Care Kids our language for educating your child in English. We have to prepare each child for our Grade R Curriculum, which is only in English. We ask your support by developing their English vocabulary at home. Please read for at least  15-20 minutes with your child a day. Reading is key to their development. Please read in English.

If Caritas College should not be your choice for further education, we ask that you prepare your child for school readiness in the Curriculum and language of your choice.


The emphasis at Care Kids Preschool is to motivate learners to achieve their highest potential in every area of their development as we prepare them for the greater challenges of "Big School".

We do this through providing them with lots of love and encouragement to be who God created them to be and through the use of positive reinforcement as a measure to attain correct, appropriate behaviour. One of the most effective measures we use to achieve this goal is our "Merit System". Learners are awarded daily with merits for all the little things they do to help make our Preschool the happy joy-filled place that it is.

As we are not allowed to physically punish the children, there is a system in each class to keep track of your child's behaviour. We will phone you if your child is experiencing a bad day, or if we feel we need your assistance in discipline. We will contact you if your child:





We will expect you to come to school and assist us in the discipline.


It is normal for a child to have fears and misgivings about being away from you. Children, like adults, need time to get used to new situations.

Try to prepare your child for the changes as far in advance as possible. Discuss any concerns you may have. Talk about some of the new people your child will meet and the new things your child will do and experience. If you are enthusiastic, soon your child will be too! If this is the first time your child has been separated from you, it is natural for him/her to be hesitant.

A cheerful goodbye kiss, a smile, and a reassuring word that you will be back after school are all you need to do. Our caring staff will take it from there. Please do not sneak out when your child is not looking. If your child is cries, please give a hug and kiss and give your child to a teacher. It is essential that you do not stay, usually the child will settle down shortly after you leave. We will contact you if your child is not calm within 15 minutes.


 The Bible teaches us to train up a child in the way they should go. So, I researched the meaning of 'train'. The word 'train' comes from the Hebrew word "chanak"; which means "to put something into the mouth"; "from the first taste"; "at the entrance of".

So we need to install into them the ways of God, the moment they first come into contact with something. Like a baby's food, we need to be selective with everything they are exposed to. We need to teach them what is acceptable and what not, and why. It is of the greatest importance that they know God's way from the very first time of exposure; As Abraham taught his children in the way of the Lord, in the paths of justice and judgement. 

By praying for them, bringing them under the means of grace, ministering the Word, instructing them in the principles of religion and teaching them their duty to God and man. We need to set a good example of a holy life and conversation. We need to train them for their future calling and station.

Let's stand together and train up this generation to the glory of God.


Parents must provide sufficient food for the mid morning break and, for those children who attend aftercare, lunch is at 13h00. We ask that only healthy, nutritious food be brought to school. Always have a bottle with water in your child's bag. The following are regarded as "party food" and may not be brought to school for lunch purposes:





Please note that yogurt must be placed in a sealable container and drinks in a sealable bottles that you child can manage without spilling.

Please do not send uncooked two minute noodles for aftercare.

The above policy is set in place to ensure we are fulfilling our role as responsible caregivers. It is essential that the preschoolers eat healthy food. Our modern, rushed lifestyles are causing havoc with the normal healthy development of young people and we regard the above as essential for learning to take place.


It is policy to celebrate each child's birthday and ensure they feel blessed and loved. Each child will enjoy a "birthday ring" on their birthday, presented by their teachers and shared with their class. Parents and siblings are welcome to attend. However, we cannot allow children from other classes to join in.


Birthdays will be limited to a class celebration only. Parents are welcome to bring along a birthday cake with candles or cupcakes and a drink for each member of the class. We do, however, respectfully ask you not to bring party packs or be too extravagant with what is supplied. A class full of preschoolers loaded with sugar leads to untold problems.


Perspective on Biting:

Biting is a very common behaviour among children birth to three years of age. Biting is a form of communication and is almost always a response to the child's needs not being met or coping with a challenge or stressor. At Care Kids we believe by understanding the developmental stage of the children in our care and their individual needs, we can proactively prevent many biting behaviours by the environment which we create for children. 

We understand that children biting other children, is one of the most common and most difficult behaviours to deal with in a group child care setting. It can occur without warning, can be difficult to defend against. the provokes strong emotional responses in the biter, the victim, the families, and the caregivers involved. 

For many toddlers, the biting stage is just a passing problem. Toddlers try it out as a way to get what they want from other toddlers. They are in the process of learning what is socially acceptable and what is not. They discover that biting is a surefire way to cause the other child to drop what they are holding so the biter can pick it up. However, they experience the disapproval of the adults nearby and eventually learn other ways of gaining possession of objects or expressing difficult feelings. 

For other children biting is a persistent and chronic problem. They may bite for a variety of reasons: teething, frustration, boredom, inadequate language skills, stress or change in the environment, feeling threatened, or to feel a sense of power.

When biting does occur:

Our staff strongly disapproves of biting. The staff's job is to keep the children safe and help a child that bites to learn different, more appropriate behaviour.

For the child that was bitten:

1. First aid is given to the bite. It is cleaned with soap and water. If the skin is broken, the bite is covered with a bandage.

2. Parents are notified.

3. The "Injury Occurring at School" form is filled out documenting the incident.

The child that bit:

1. The teacher will firmly tell the child "NO! DO NOT BITE!!"

2. The child will be placed in time out for no longer than the child's age (one year old, one minute).

3. The parents are notified.

When Biting Continues:

1.  The child will be shadowed to help prevent any biting incident.

2.  The child will be observed by the classroom staff to determine what is causing the child to bite (teething, communication, frustration, etc.)

3.  The child will be given positive attention and approval for positive behaviour. 

When biting becomes excessive:

1. If a child inflicts 3 bites in a week period (5 weekdays) in which skin of another child or staff member is broken or bruised or the bite leaves a significant mark, a conference will be held with the parents to discuss the child's behavior and how the behavior may be modified.

2. If the child again inflicts 3 bites in a one week period (5 weekdays) in which the skin of another child or staff member is broken or bruised or bite leaves a significant mark, the child will be disciplined as discussed with parents.

3. If biting continues child must be evaluated by a therapist.


If for any reason, your child needs medication prescribed by a doctor during the course of the day, you are required to fill in the necessary consent form, obtainable from the class teacher.

Please note the following:

- No medication will be given without the consent from

- Medication must be handed to the teacher by the parent/caregiver.

- Medication is not allowed to be sent to school in your child's bag with a note for the teacher.

N.B. Please note that sick children cannot be taken care of appropriately at school. In order to protect the entire group of children, as well as your own child, we ask parents to assist us keeping sick children at home if they have experienced any of the following symptoms within the past 24 hours:

- A skin rash with a fever unless a health professional has approved that the child may attend school

- A fever over 38 degrees Celsius degrees with other signs if illness

- Signs of a newly developing cold or severe coughing 

- Diarrhoea, vomiting or an upset stomach

- Unusual or unexplained loss of appetite, fatigue, irritability or headache

- Any contagious disease, eg. Mumps, Whooping cough, German Measles, Strep Throat, until a health professional has approved that the child may return to school

- Ringworm must be treated and covered up or your child should stay at home as it is highly contagious

- Any discharge or drainage from the eyes, nose, ears or any open sores

- Any sign of lice activity or nits in the hair.

Children who display any of these symptoms will be asked to return home, and will be separated from the group until they are collected.

We appreciate your co-operation with the above. If you have any queries about weather or not your child should attend school on any particular day, please call us before bringing your child to school.


If your child is injured while at the Preschool, a staff member will contact you as soon as possible. You will receive feedback from contact you as soon as possible. You will receive feedback from staff as to what treatment was applied and any other relevant information.


The staff will endeavor to protect the safety of all children at all times. However, accidents do happen and in the event that your child needs to see a doctor or dentist a staff member will inform you immediately. If we cannot contact you we will call the emergency contacts nominated on the Application form.

If the illness or injury requires emergency treatment the Principal will call for an ambulance and then call the parents, as the treatment of the child and the child's safety are paramount.


A fire drill will be held regularly at the Preschool.

During a drill, children will evacuate the building and proceed immediately, with their teacher, to the designated area outside.  The children will line up and the teacher will count them after they have made sure everyone is out of the building. 

In the event of a real fire alarm:

- Children will proceed immediately with their teacher to the designated area.

-Teachers will count their children. 

-Teachers will check the bathrooms, store rooms, and closets for lost children. 

-The teacher will check to verify an accurate recount of all children. 

- They will determine the safest location for continued operations until children can be picked up by parents/guardians. 

- Teachers will contact parents/guardians with information and arrange for collection of their children. 


We do not allow any child to be dropped or collected outside the school.  All parents/caregivers are requested to accompany their child into the Preschool in the mornings.  At the end of the day, parents are requested to again, come into the Preschool to fetch their child and to sign the register, stating that they have collected their child.  Please note that parents are requested to inform the class teacher, if there are any changes in the arrangements.  Preschool staff will not allow any child to leave the Preschool with anyone other than the person/s who normally collect. 

We will under no circumstances, allow even grandparents to collect a child, unless the parents/guardians have notified us about the change in arrangements.  Please remember to notify us to avoid unnecessary problems arising due to staff not having necessary information. 


When entering or leaving the Preschool buildings please make sure the doors and safety gates are closed.  Do not allow your child to open, close of climb on the gates. 


Please inform the Preschool during the morning if your child will be absent from Preschool, preferably                  between 7h30 and 8h30.


The Preschool does not provide sunblock, and it is not our responsibility to apply sunblock to your child.  Sunscreen should ideally be applied before leaving home as it takes 20 minutes to become effective. 


Toilet training is a prerequisite for entering Care Kids.  We will allow two weeks for an adaption period. 

After the two-week period we will monitor the child.  If there are more that 3 accidents per week we kindly ask that you take a week away from the school to see that they are confident with toilet training.  


Children may not bring their own personal toys from home to school.

We do, however, encourage them to bring items or toys that are part of a theme, for educational purposes.  These will be shown to the group as part of the discussion and then placed in a safe place for the duration of the morning. 

Grade R learners may bring a toy as part of their "Show and Tell" presentation during the course of the year, if applicable.  Again, this will be placed in a safe area for the duration of the day and only brought out to show to their classmates at the appropriate time. 


In order for your child to have a day conducive to learning and fun, they must be comfortable and allowed to get dirty.  Please ensure that there are always spare clothes and a plastic shopping bag in your child's school bag (for soiled clothing).

We do have Preschool t-shirts, if desired.  These are not compulsory for everyday wear but they are practical and help keep your child's expensive clothing from being damage at school  These t-shirts are available for purchase at Sandstone Wear.  

Girls must always wear pants under skirts/dresses and no ski-pants allowed unless worn with a long t-shirt or skirt. 

Please make every effort to label your child's clothing;  this helps so much to prevent loss of property. 

Please note that no clothing that depicts any character that has supernatural powers other then the Holy Spirit is allowed to be worn in the Preschool. 


We endeavor to take Preschool children on a field trip once per year.  On some occasions these field trips take place at school.  At other times we take them out.  On these occasions we will give you, as parents and/or guardians, timeous notice and details.  

We also welcome assistance with transport and with extra hands to help take care of the children on these outings.  Parents/Guardians are therefore always very welcome to join us during these times.  Every effort will be made to ensure the safety of every child.  


Each class will operate with a WhatsApp broadcast group created especially for that specific class.  The supervisor and monitor will post themes, milestones, important information, art and photos on the group.

You are free to thank the teachers or give compliments on the group.  Please refrain from rude remarks, or degrading any one on the group.  Please feel free to send a private message to the supervisor in your child's learning center.  


It is your responsibility to notify the Preschool immediately if there is a change of address and phone number.  This also applies to changes to work address and phone numbers.  It is most important that the Preschool staff are able to contact you quickly, should the need arise.  Please inform the teacher and the school secretary at Caritas College of any changes.