God's medium of education is firstly His Word and the primary place of education is the home. God holds parents responsible to teach their children to love Him and live lives that honour Him and their fellow man. Parents lead by instruction as well as example, by modelling this life to their children in the home.

The school is here to assist you, the parents, in this awesome task. Whilst we, the school, will commit ourselves to providing the best opportunities and experiences we can, creating an environment of learning through fun, discovery and creativity, we need you, the parents to be a part of every aspect of your child's education. This occurs through personal involvement, including attending the various functions and fundraisers held from time and, also, the parent/teacher conferences held during the course of the year, and taking full responsibilities for all costs incurred regarding your child's education.

We also start to teach our children to develop a sense of responsibility.  If they willfully and purposefully break or destroy our toys, books or chairs;  we will ask you to replace what they have broken and to discipline them as you as the parent see fit.  


Care Kids believe in the family structure God ordained on earth through His Word;  namely one man married to one woman and children grow up in a loving, safe, secure environment. 

In case of dispute in family or divorce, Care Kids sides itself only in the best interest of the child.  All legal disputes will be handled by parents and lawyers outside of the school.  

All information regarding maintenance and welfare of children must be communicated through proper channels.  We required written proof.  It is not the Teacher's duty to keep any child from any parent, these matters need to be addressed by lawyers, family advocates or child welfare.  All information must go through the office.  


These take place at regular intervals during the year and are wonderful opportunities for parents and teachers to get to know one another and to discuss your child's progress, allowing parents/guardians to always be well informed.  Please note that we, as staff, are very happy to discuss any problems/difficulties that parents/guardians may be concerned about in between these conferences but we respectfully request that you make an appointment to see us. 


Please be aware that we do take photos of your children weekly, and especially on Athletics Day, Prize Giving, Granny and Grandpa day and Concerts.  We cannot control other parents and the placing of photos on Facebook or any other media.  

We as a school will use photos for our yearbook, our WhatsApp Class Group and even in local newspapers.  

Please inform the Supervisor in your child's class if you do not want your child in any photos. 



When problems or irritations arise, please contact your child's supervisor first.  You are free to speak, phone, e-mail or WhatsApp the supervisor. 

If you feel that the supervisor did not handle your complaint well, please contact Neoleene.  If you still feel dissatisfied we will arrange a board meeting.  Please see your child's teacher daily and keep communication open.  

If we work together we will catch the little foxes before they ruin the vineyard.